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  • Outdoor Playground Equipment Special design and various colors of our outdoor playground equipment can inspire children's psychology and interest.
    Plastic components: LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene which is imported from SK and ICO) with rotational mould ...
  • Wooden Swing Sets As a children's play equipment manufacturer, we can provide wooden swing sets for children of different ages and abilities.
    These wooden swing sets are not only safe but also challenging and fun recreational, suitable for residential, educational and commercial use ..
  • Indoor Playground Equipment Our indoor playground equipment is made of trampolines, plastic slides, ball pools, space tunnels, platforms, bridges, swings, soft plays, panels, ladders, handrails etc.
    Plastic components: LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene imported from SK and ICO) with rotational mould. ..

Children's Play Equipment

Children's play equipment is a series of facilities that children can play with. The modern children's play equipment includes seesaw, swing, horizontal bar, parallel bar, slide, trapeze, flying ring, toy cabin, maze, etc. These types of equipment can not only help children with their collaboration ability, physical health and political skills but also make them relax themselves.

As a children's play equipment manufacturer, we can provide various types of children's play equipment for children of different ages and abilities, and our products include outdoor playground, wooden swing sets and indoor playground. We know that children's safety is the most important factor we have to consider. The raw materials we adopted are carefully selected and resistant to decay and insect damage. Some of these facilities are made of engineering plastics which is safe and non-toxic. When children are playing, their safety can be ensured. In the meanwhile our children's play equipment is full of excitement and enjoyment. It will develop and give full play to children's thinking ability and spirit of overcoming difficulties. Through playing with it, children can build up their bodies as well. As a result, they are the favorites of children range from 3 to 12 years old.

Yuanyang children's play equipment is suitable for large-sized supermarket, park, children's palace, cultural palace and Housing Corporation. Especially, it is a best choice for modern shopping malls and department stores. Thus they will be the combination of relaxation, entertainment and shopping. It will bring the malls and stores economic benefits as well as social benefits.

The emerging industrial economy in China, in addition to low labor costs, enables us to provide play equipment at lower prices. Due to our considerate services and quality products, our children's play equipment, outdoor play equipment, trampolines, and other play equipment are CE certified and are sought after by customers from the United States, Egypt, Israel, and more. We can provide OEM service upon request.

For more information, please go to our website or contact us directly. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Other Products
  • Round Trampoline Because the bounce on it is not very high and the jumper can only stay in the center, it is safe for children to play under the supervision of adults.
    Our round trampolines can be used in villa, parks, residential areas, amusement parks, children's halls, and so on...
  • Trampoline Bed As a professional trampoline supplier, we can provide single bed trampolines, 2 in 1 bed trampolines, 4 in 1 bed trampolines, 6 in 1 bed trampolines, 8 in 1 bed trampolines, 10 in 1 bed trampolines, 12 in 1 bed trampolines, etc ...
  • Bungee Trampoline As a children's play equipment supplier, Yuanyang can provide kinds of bungee trampolines to satisfy the special needs of people who would like to challenge new and exciting movement.
    Bungee trampoline is an active entertainment device ...
  • Gyroscope We can provide single and two person gyroscopes, trailer mounted gyroscope, etc, for use in villa, parks, residential areas, amusement parks, children's halls and so on.
    If you have special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us...