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Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playground Equipment

Descriptions of Indoor Playground Equipment
1. As a children's play equipment manufacturer, we can provide indoor playground equipment with special design and high quality.
2. We can also manufacture specified indoor playground equipment according to your budget, floor space, business goals, and design ideas, etc.

Features of Indoor Playground Equipment
1. Our indoor playground equipment is made of trampolines, plastic slides, ball pools, space tunnels, platforms, bridges, swings, soft plays, panels, ladders, handrails etc.
2. Plastic components: LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene imported from SK and ICO) with rotational mould.

3. The post is made of steel galvanized tubes which has 48mm diameter and 1.5mm thickness. The interior of the tube is corrosive resistant and the exterior is coated with galvanization to prevent rusting.
4. This kind of children's play equipment is designed for children who are 3-12 years old.
5. All the components except the soft play enjoy one year warranty.

Installation Plans of Indoor Playground Equipment
1. For those who are not familiar with the installation of our indoor playground equipment, we will provide you with detailed installation instructions along with pictures of every installation procedures.
2. We could also provide door to door service for foreign customers, while the cost caused by this service should be covered by you.

Specifications of Indoor Playground Equipment for your choice

YY-8901 12.5×8.75×6.2m YY-8905 7.5×6.25×4.5m
YY-8902 7.5×6.25×5.5m YY-8906 11.25×7.5×4.3m
YY-8903 6.25×5.0×3.0m YY-8907 8.75×5.0×4.5m
YY-8904 11.25×7.5m YY-8908 10×8.75m
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