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Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

Descriptions of Bungee Trampoline
1. As a children's play equipment supplier, Yuanyang can provide kinds of bungee trampolines to satisfy the special needs of people who would like to challenge new and exciting movement.
2. Bungee trampoline is an active entertainment device that can be used for training or learning purpose like skating, PE training, acrobatic training in schools, circus, or gyms.
3. They can also be applied for rental use or operating in shopping malls, amusement parks and other occasions for promotions, advertisement, etc.
4.You can jump up to 9 meters high safely.
5. We can produce many kinds of bungee trampolines, such as single bungee trampoline, trailer mounted bungee trampoline and 2 in 1, 4 in 1 inflatable bungee trampoline, etc. 6. Your specified requirements can also be satisfied.

Specifications of Bungee Trampoline
1. Jumping mat: imported from USA.
2. Tubes: galvanized inside and outside.
3. Foam pad: EPE foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape.
4. Pad: PVC (500D, 1000D) fabric.
5. Springs: super high-strength galvanized.
6. Harness: same to the car harness, total three sizes, S, M and L.
7. Elastic rope: in accordance with EU standards.
8. Height can be 6m or 7.5m, depending on your needs.
9. Lighting, custom made banners and trampoline skirts are all optional.
10. Construction time: 2 hours for 2 persons.
11. Dismantling time: one and half an hour for 2 persons.
12. Mini electric hoist (electric winch): adopt urgent stop switch and reinforced breaking switch with position limit, protection class up to IP54, with thermal prevention device; it has received certificates of CE, GS, EMS and ROHS.

Warranty of Bungee Trampoline
1. For mini electric hoist, we provide three months warranty.
2. For steel galvanized tubes, we provide 1 year warranty.
3. For jumping mat, we provide one and half a year warranty.

Technique Parameters of Bungee Trampoline

Method of use Rated Volt (V) Input Powder (W) Rated Capacity (kg) Lifting Speed (m/min) Lifting Height (m) G.W. /N.W.(kg)
Single-Hook AC 220/230/240 1200 300 10 12 17.5/16.5
Double-Hook AC 220/230/240 1200 600 5 6 17.5/16.5

Models of Bungee Trampoline for your choice

YY-9004 7×4×6m YY-9009 10×10×7.5m YY-9012 10×10×7.5m
YY-9005 5×3.5×6m YY-9009B 10×10×7.5m YY-9013 8×8×7m
YY-9006 4×4×6m YY-9010 9×9×6.0m
YY-9007 11×5×6m YY-9010B 8×8×6.5m
YY-9008 10×10×6m YY-9011 9×9×7.5m
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