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Round Trampoline

Round Trampoline

Introduction of Round Trampoline
Round trampoline is the most common trampoline with high safety.
Because the bounce on it is not very high and the jumper can only stay in the center, it is safe for children to play under the supervision of adults.
Our round trampolines can be used in villa, parks, residential areas, amusement parks, children's halls, and so on.
You may also put one in your backyard, so that your children can enjoy the excitement at any time.

Features of Round Trampoline
1. Easy to set up: no cutting or drilling is needed.
2. Easy entry and exit: soft polypropylene netting overlapping net doorway.
3. High stability.
4. Different sizes: from 8ft to 16ft, with or without safety net (special sizes can also be satisfied).
5. Jumping mat: American PP
6. Material of cover: PE
7. Material of net (if with safety net): polyester
8. Height of safety net (if with safety net): 1.7m
9. Pole steel tube: Ø25mm×1.5mm×8pcs
10. Leg steel tube: Ø38mm×1.5mm×4pcs

Warranty of our Round Trampolines
1. For the steel galvanized tubes, we provide 1 year warranty.
2. For jumping mat, we provide one and half a year warranty.

Specifications of Round Trampolines

Size Springs Packing size G.W/N.W Qty per 20' & 40' & 40'HQ container
8" 48pcs×Ø3.2mm×30N 130×46×22cm 33/30kgs 210/400/500pcs
10" 64pcs×Ø3.2mm×30N 161×51×22cm 45/42kgs 150/290/360pcs
12" 72pcs×Ø3.2mm×41N 147×50×31cm 50/48kgs 120/230/290pcs
13" 78pcs×Ø3.2mm×41N 158×53×31cm 55/51kgs 118/220/280pcs
14" 84pcs×Ø3.2mm×41N 171×57×25cm 60/57kgs 114/213/270pcs
15" 90pcs×Ø3.2mm×50N 128×38×33cm 72/68kgs 110/205/260pcs
16" 96pcs×Ø3.2mm×50N 135×38×33cm 79/75kgs 105/200/255pcs

Specifications of Round Trampolines with Safety Net

Size Springs Packing size G.W/N.W Qty per 20' & 40' & 40'HQ container
8" 48pcs×Ø3.2mm×30N 130×47×29cm 43/39kgs 210/400/500pcs
10" 64pcs×Ø3.2mm×30N 126×49×33cm 56/53kgs 150/290/360pcs
12" 72pcs×Ø3.2mm×41N 147×50×31cm 68/65kgs 120/230/290pcs
13" 78pcs×Ø3.2mm×41N 165×57×25cm & 110×35×16cm 55/51 & 23/21kgs 118/220/280pcs
14" 84pcs×Ø3.2mm×41N 171×57×25cm & 115×35×16cm 61/57 & 23/21kgs 114/213/270pcs
15" 90pcs×Ø3.2mm×50N 128×38×33 & 128×38×17 & 115×36×22cm 84/81 & 23/21kgs 110/205/260pcs
16" 96pcs×Ø3.2mm×50N 135×38×33 & 135×38×17 & 115×36×22cm 99/96 & 23/21kgs 105/200/255pcs
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