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Trampoline Bed

Trampoline Bed

Descriptions of Trampoline Bed
1. As a professional trampoline supplier, we can provide single bed trampolines, 2 in 1 bed trampolines, 4 in 1 bed trampolines, 6 in 1 bed trampolines, 8 in 1 bed trampolines, 10 in 1 bed trampolines, 12 in 1 bed trampolines, etc.
2. Flexible springs provide strong bounce and more jumping height.
3. Our trampoline bed is suitable for gymnastics and trampoline tricks. They can strengthen children's body and enhance balance ability.
4. These trampolines can be used in Olympics, circus, commercial play center, kindergarten, personal backyard etc.

Features of Trampoline Bed
Jumping mat: imported from USA
Tubes: galvanized inside and outside
Foam pad: EPE foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape.
Pad: PVC (500D, 1000D) fabric
Springs: super high-strength galvanized
Trampoline skirts are optional

Warranty of Trampoline Bed
1. For the steel galvanized tubes, the warranty we can provide is 1 year.
2. For the jumping mat, the warranty we can provide is one and half a year.

Models of Trampoline Bed for your choice

YY-9108 Φ3.66m YY-9115 12.98×10.0×2.3m YY-9118 7.82×10.0×2.3m
YY-9109 4×5×2.3m YY-9117 7.82×10.0×4.0m YY-9121 6.0×6.0m
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