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  • Round Trampoline Because the bounce on it is not very high and the jumper can only stay in the center, it is safe for children to play under the supervision of adults.
    Our round trampolines can be used in villa, parks, residential areas, amusement parks, children's halls, and so on...
  • Trampoline Bed As a professional trampoline supplier, we can provide single bed trampolines, 2 in 1 bed trampolines, 4 in 1 bed trampolines, 6 in 1 bed trampolines, 8 in 1 bed trampolines, 10 in 1 bed trampolines, 12 in 1 bed trampolines, etc.
    Flexible springs provide strong bounce and more jumping height...
  • Bungee Trampoline As a children's play equipment supplier, Yuanyang can provide kinds of bungee trampolines to satisfy the special needs of people who would like to challenge new and exciting movement.
    Bungee trampoline is an active entertainment device that can be used for training or learning purpose like skating, PE training, acrobatic training in schools, circus, or gyms...
  • Gyroscope As a trampoline supplier, we can provide a new kind of play equipment: gyroscope for both adult and child.
    Parents could play trampoline with their children, thus promoting mutual feelings.
    People could have fun as well as gain confidence while playing gyroscope.
    High quality secure harness enables player to enjoy extreme excitement with no risk...


A trampoline is a device which consists of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched over a steel frame with a lot of coiled springs. In fact, the fabric which users bounce on is not as elastic as we think. The elasticity is provided by the springs that under it.

Trampoline can be divided into 2 types, competitive and recreational, and our products include round trampoline, trampoline bed, and bungee trampoline, etc. The majority of them are circular, octagonal or rectangular. A waterproof canvas or woven polypropylene material is adopted as the raw materials of the fabric.

Generally speaking, children bounce on trampolines for fun or excitement. It does good to their physical health and brings them happiness as well. The parents will have nothing to worry about because our trampolines are safe and do no harm to children. Besides, all of our trampolines are very easy to set up without cutting and drilling. Soft polypropylene net is set to protest the children. In addition, our high quality trampoline is environmentally friendly and nontoxic. They can not only help one feel happy and cheerful through exercise, but they also help to accomplish body-building, physical-therapy treatment, improved health, entertainment, and more.

Our trampolines can be used in villa, parks, residential areas, amusement parks, children's halls, and so on. You may also put one in your backyard, so that your children can enjoy the excitement at any time.

As a major manufacturer and supplier of trampolines based in China, we are devoted to supplying you our products with a high quality and at a low price. Because of our considerate services and quality products, our trampolines have received CE certificate and are sold in America, Europe, Egypt, Israel, and more. We can provide OEM service upon request.

In addition to trampolines, some related products such as children's play equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, etc. are also available for you to choose. If you are searching for these products, you have come to the right place. We must be the best choice for you. For more information, please contact us directly. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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