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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Descriptions of Outdoor Fitness Equipment
1. With the improvement of life quality, people pay more attention on their health, while nourishment can not fundamentally improve our physique.
2. Nowadays, people would frequently stay before a computer and work for a whole day. This is quite harmful to health, so people need a kind of fitness equipment to practice and keep fit and healthy.
3. Outdoor fitness equipment can be installed in biotopes, parks, gardens, and other recreational places. It is suitable for people of all ages.
4.It can not merely help one feel happy and cheerful in training, but also perform such functions as body-building, treatment, health, entertainment, social contact, etc.
5. We can provide arm strength trainer, walker, pull-up bracket, recycling equipment and waist movement machine, and other outdoor fitness equipments.

1. Our outdoor fitness equipment is made by powerful and heavy gauge steel. They are attractive and quite suitable for outdoor movement.
2. The installation is very easy and it needs minimal maintenance.
The equipment features good quality and safety, quite suitable for all ages of people.
3. The steel post of our outdoor fitness equipment is galvanized and color coated. The interior of the tube is corrosion resistant and the exterior is galvanized to prevent the tube from rusting.

Two ways of installation for Outdoor Fitness Equipment
1. Our outdoor fitness equipment can be fixed on the ground by screws.
2. You may also root the equipment into ground for 30-40cm.


YY-9317 165×73×200 cm YY-9323 230×73×175cm YY-9337 120×70×140cm
YY-9319 110×45×145cm YY-9325 110×55×120cm YY-9338 190×70×130cm
YY-9321 148×110×135cm YY-9331 197×40×165cm
YY-9333 80×100×200cm

1. Dated from your installation, we provide one year warranty on the outdoor fitness equipment against structural failure duo to defects in materials or workmanship.
2. We also provide an exclusive remedy for our purchasers: replacing defective parts within the limited warranty period.

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