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Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars

Introduction of Bumper Cars
1. As an electric toys manufacturer, we can produce three kinds of bumper cars: battery-driven cars, groundnet bumper cars and skynet bumper cars.
2. A large rubber bumper is installed to prolong the impact and diffuse the force of the collision. The impulse force is so small that it will not hurt riders.
3. Since they are driven by electricity and then the electric energy is converted into kinetic energy and heat, bumper cars are harmless to the environment.
4. Our bumper cars can be used in parks, gardens, villas, amusement parks, training centers, kindergarten, etc.

Warranty of Bumper Cars
1. For electron spare parts, including the motor and the speed controlling machine, we provide three-month warranty.
2. For fiberglass and other materials, we provide 1 year warranty.

Models of Bumper Cars

Item code Size Volume Weight Capacity/car Drive system Speed ㎡need for per car Quantity/20ft container
YY-9845 1.9×1.15×0.96m 2.5CMB 200kgs 2 passengers D/C 24V 8-10km 15m2 12 sets
YY-9847 1.9×1.15×0.96m 2.5CMB 200kgs 2 passengers D/C 90V 8-10km 15m2 12 sets
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