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Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round

Description of Merry Go Round
1. As an electric toys supplier, we can produce different merry go rounds according to the image of animals. They characterize beautiful color, fastness and good safety performance.
2. Merry go round is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic in one step.
Its iron pieces are electrostatic sprayed.
3. Our merry go round include automatic controlled hydraulic space plane (YY-9998, its speed can be adjusted automatically, and the lifting distance is 1.85m), rotary aircraft (YY-9993, it has bright color and is full of childishness and playfulness) and animal imitation merry go round (YY-9978, we can provide various kinds of animal model equipped with music, and timing and lighting function; it can be pushed by hand or electricity).

Application of Merry Go Round
Our merry go round can be used in amusement park, kindergarten, gardens, parks, supermarkets, eating places, and training organizations, etc.

More Information about our Merry Go Round
Model No. YY-9993
Input voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Dimensions: 6×2m
Standard: CE
HS Code: 95069900
Origin: China
Min. Order: 1 set

Models of Merry Go Round for your choice

YY-9978 280×210cm
YY-9993 Φ650×250cm
YY-9998 600×200cm
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